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About Pedha

Dharwad Pedha traces its historical origin to Thakur family which migrated from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh to Dharwad after the dreaded plague broke out there sometime in early 19th Century. With meager funds, Shri. Ram Ratan Singh Thakur (first generation sweet maker) started making ‘pedhas’ and selling them and gradually, it started becoming popular.

Today we are the excellence in Dharwad Pedha.The family intends to preserve the quality and the taste of it. In order to maintain the quality consistently, the family has to ensure that there is adequate supply of fresh and unadulterated milk which constitute the main ingredient in preparation of this special sweet For the last 175 years, the Dharwad ‘pedha’ has become synonymous with ‘Babu Singh Thakur Pedha’, ‘Thakur Pedha’ or ‘Line Bazaar



Since then, till this date, the descendants of Shri. Ram Ratan Singh Thakur stand out in their contribution for its popularity and tiring efforts. Presently, Shri. babusingh Thakur who is the fifth generation of (Late) Shri. Ram Ratan Singh B. Thakur was looking the business, and now his sons Umeshsingh and Deepaksingh Thakur have taken up the responsibility and they are carrying on the rich and unique family tradition of making  of Dharwad Pedha. 
1. Lord Wellington award .
2. We are being made from 75-100 years. many awards like Indira priyadarshini,Rajiv Gandhi award etc.
4.the latest box cover contains award list.

 "Dont Say Dharwad Pedha Say Thakur Pedha"

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The one thing about the delicious and excellence of Dharwad Pedha - If you have tasted some pedha which are sold in the name of "Dharwad Pedhas", then once you have to taste the Thakur's Pedha by which you can clearly feel the difference between the Originals and other sub standard brands.

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